Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I am Motivated to Tell

Oh yes, I talk and I talk and I talk a plenty...a funny thing is that during my day at school I get all talked out...funny thing...though my heart has been full, the words haven't come as easily as I've wanted. I've wanted to put down what it is I've been thinking lately... so here it goes:

I am AMAZED by the amount of courage and where-with-all I have when a job is at hand. This woman who has doubted and fussed and wandered and wondered at her self - called herself all sorts of bad names, and then one day, literally, wakes up without the anger and says, "What will I do without that?"

What HAVE I done without that nasty imp hanging around my ears, tugging at the small curling hair behind my ear, without it scratching its name in my skin?

I'll tell you, reader, I have been walking tall. I have been trusting the words that have come out of my mouth. I have been making serious, responsible decisions. I have been soothing the beast in troubled children, lifting up trodden women, carrying myself across divides...I HAVE BEEN DOING THIS.

I have been hugged by the child who does not like to be touched. I have been shyly smiled at by a child who slings curses in her every other word. I have covered them in love without even touching them.

My corner of the world is not small...I have been doing this.

I have been offering myself and finding it is not only enough, but it is amazing and healthy and needed and sought after. I have found that I can be a safe harbor in some human being's otherwise stormy life.

What a wonder...what a wonder that I have been doing this.

I hope that I shall never cease to be amazed at what beautiful, courageous, wonderful things we human being are capable of.

I hope that I shall never cease to see the potential in another torn human heart.

I hope that I shall never believe that there is a kindess too small to give.

I hope that I shall never cease to smile and feel a lump in my throat when my efforts are praised, needed, rewarded. I thank the Divine of My Heart with a quiet mouth, with closed eyes and with my head held up high.

My heart is full with purpose and life...

and I am happy.


Laura said...

WOW! I can hear the strength of your voice and feel the purpose of your heart all the way here in the midwest.

You are loved!!!!


Christine said...

hello my beautiful girl...
what beautiful thoughts and words.

I'm so happy for you
I love you so so much.

Heather said...

That is so wonderful! It sounds as if you have found yourself in helping others, what a wonderful thing~

Sea Angels said...

I do so love the way you think Katie..you have a magic about you that touches the world with love.
Hugs Lynn xxxxx

Tammie Lee said...

Katie, you are so inspiring! Plus I experience you as a wonderful writer, your words ooze with the passion of the meaning you express!