Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Offerings

a snippet from the website

I do have a purpose on the internet...did you know? I write books and collections of poetry and I reach out to other people as far as I can...have you found it yet? is my little place on the internet. I woke up early this morning and redesigned it...seriously...and I got to thinking about giving you all something: Right now, I am offering my books to all readers of my blog with FREE shipping to anyone in the continental U.S. and to everyone else, half price shipping!!! That can mean a lot of savings to my friends over-seas!!!
a snippet from the website

All you need to do is to email me at intothewoode (at) yahoo (dot) com and let me know you saw this offer on the blog for free (or half price) shipping. The books are here and here (did you know they are available on AMAZON? However, the deal doesn't apply there, only with me...besides, I'll personally sign your book for you!!!) I have a limited number of them on hand at the moment, so act quickly!!!

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Graciel @ Evenstar Art said...

Merry Christmas, Dear Katie! Yes, please. I'd like your book. I will email, as per your instructions.

Love, Graciel