Thursday, December 31, 2009

My 99 Things

I was inspired by Sarah from "Stars in her Fingernails" (as you'll see in the blogs I read on the right hand column if you scroll down) to write this posting...So here goes: 99 Things I have done:

1. owned an art gallery
2. hiked up a mountain
3. owned a horse
4. had pet pigs as big as bears
5. went digging for fossils
6. studied geology on my own time
7. learned sign language
8. studied Druidry
9. know the books of the Bible
10. spent a summer by the sea
11. took all the color out of my hair - once -
12. grew my hair down the middle of my back
13. won a prestigious award for writing a book based on Special Education
14. have published a self-help book
15. have sold art around the world
16. have ridden a boat out in the sea
17. gave birth to my son
18. gave birth to my daughter
19. studied Buddhism
20. taught Japanese culture
21. tore a tendon in my ankle and STILL held a full days worth of parent/teacher conferences
22. pulled 20+ porcupine quills from a beloved dog's face
23. got an A in Advanced Essay Writing from the most infamous professor that ever lived
24. won a car on my wedding day (sold said car and bought a computer, a bed and a used vehicle instead)
25. attended the Largest Craft Show in the World
26. was on a tv show that featured me and my art
27. wrote and published two books of poetry
28. got myself a husband for Christmas (what was it...12 or so years ago?)
29. was baptized
30. watched my grandma dying
31. felt a ghost in my house
32. know things I probably shouldn't know for reasons I can't begin to guess
33. read Great Expectations in a week
34. have written a cease and desist letter more than once
35. have made a Croquembouche (for the first and last time)
36. was in an antique show for 3 summers in a row
37. ran a homeschool tutoring business
38. have designed over 10 websites since I began
39. taught classes on doll-making
40. taught crochet
41. have crocheted two afghans
42. made two locker hooked rugs
43. homeschooled my son for approximately 1 month of his Kindergarten year
44. collected antiques as a teenager
45. met my husband when I was only 17
46. cut my right hand, my right knee and my right foot all during the summer I was 11
47. I own chickens
48. I've sold chicken eggs
49. know how to drive a tractor
50. know how to drive a threshing machine
51. know how to bail hay
52. know how to rake a field and plow a field
53. know how to drive a combine
54. have changed countless lines of irrigation
55. have seen elk and antelope in the wild
56. would like to say I've seen a ghost
57. taken a trip to Crater Lake
58. have taken rides in small airplanes
59. I can sew clothes and do very fine embroidery
60. can make candles
61. can make wooden spoons and my own clothes pins
62. can make butter and homemade bread
63. have been lost
64. have been found
65. have ridden an ATV as fast as I possibly could
66. have danced in the rain with the man I love
67. sung in a University Choir
68. embarrassed myself in a University voice class...reaaaaalllly embarrassed myself
69. sung solos in A Capella choir
70. was told I had the "best legs" in high school (ahhhh, those were the days)
71. was a music leader in a University church group
72. saw Amy Grant in concert when I was a teenager
73. saw Amy Grant in concert in my own little town of Sisters as an adult
74. saw Nickel Creek at a small concert in Portland
75. have been in the newspaper for using and exciting teaching method
76. gave a straight "A" student a "B" once...and it made his life better
77. made someone laugh until they peed their pants
78. told an older woman once that I wouldn't help her because she wasn't thankful (what the H was I thinking?)
79. voted for Barack Obama (I'd do it again and again and again)
80. dislocated my collar bone
81. chipped my brother's tooth(it was MY turn to talk into the pipe, by the way)
82. cut my brother's foot (yikes...sorry brother)
83. use to have "future dreams"
84. got through 4 years of choir and 2 years of University choir without being able to read music
85. was Site-Council President for two years running in my school district
86. have found one intact sand dollar at an Oregon beach
87. flew a kite that lifted me off the ground
88. watched Fourth of July fireworks as they were shot off over the ocean
89. remember the day that Princess Diana died - I cried and cried for my childhood hero
90. remember 9/11 - I was teaching 6th graders and had to make my way through the rest of the day in shock and terror
91. watched "The Blair Witch Project" and thought it was real...had a nightlight on for two weeks after that
92. can drive a 5-speed
93. can name most native plants in my area
94. can decipher runes and read cards
95. have read 98% of the books in my house
96. have over 200 books in my house
97. had my front tooth knocked out by a baseball when I was 9
98. had my teeth fixed when I was 30
99. sat up this long writing this list


Doreen said...

Good morning Katie.

99 things is such a wonderful look back and see that you've accomplished more than you may have thought you did..I just love it.

Your 99 things are wonderful, fun and inspiring.

Joyous New Years Eve to you & yours.


sarah said...

so interesting. what I didn't realise when I was doing it myself is that it really does give an impression of the person's life. you've had a good one, it seems! :-)

Sea Angels said...

What a list of achievements....and may you be adding to them in one way or another this is hoping it brings you and your lovely family joy and happiness all the year through. May each dream come true xx
Love and hugs Lynn xxx

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Hi you...loved to read about the old things from your life..great you did remember.
Happy 2010

Jeanne Klaver said...

Wow! Such a few words and I feel like I know you so well. Amazing how this happens.

Laura said...

dear Katie,

all I can say is WOW! Can't even imagine what you will be adding to this list this year ... but I know you will! Best wishes for this new year my dear friend.


p.s. I know you'll be knitting up those Cranford Mitts!

Tammie Lee said...

ummm umm um such a wonderful list of life. how very sweet to have this long peak into you.... wishing you 99 more wonderful things!