Saturday, January 23, 2010

How'd I do it?

I've had a couple of questions about my banner, and I wondered if more of you wondered as well, so thought I'd post a quick one to let you in on a SECRET:
Google has a free (and REALLY GREAT) program called
Picasa 3
And one of the features is to make about 6 different kinds of collages with the pictures you are editing. It was so fun, I spent the better part of a Sunday playing with it when I first found out about it. When you save your project, save it this way: "Export Picture to Folder" and at that point you'll be able to make it whatever size you want...I think that most blog banners are around 800 pixels or 700 pixels wide...I don't remember exactly, but you can play with it and make it just the size you want.
We love google so much in our family (check this out...FREE!!!
that my husband says if there was a Google church, we'd probably go to it :) haha.
have fun, Dagmar and Sarah!

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sarah said...

Thank you so much! I have picasa on my computer already and I make collages for my desktop but I didn't know how to size them to my blog requirements, so you've answered that essential question for me.

One day there will be a Google church, I'm sure of it!! I must confess, we don't really homeschool any more - certainly not the lovely old bookish Charlotte Mason way we used to. Now we just Google School!