Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I dream of light and openness. I dream of muddy roads that run for miles and miles in the open air, with green growing fields on one side of me and freshly threshed wheat fields on the other. I dream of looking out my bedroom window and seeing the sunrise, every single morning. I dream of goats in my yard that run to see me and pull at my pants legs. I dream of a pig I could ride if I wanted to, but wouldn't. I dream of a garden full of healing herbs. I dream of a warm summer wind snapping the sheets on my laundry line.
I dream of a yellow house. I dream of chickens pecking around the front yard, under the laundry line. I dream of sprinklers chook-chook-chooking every night, all summer long.
I dream of light.
I dream of openness.
I pray for it. I ask for it...
or something better.


sarah said...

Beautiful dreams ... and I love the spirit of openness that is at the end of what you want.

Jeanne Klaver said...

It looks like this road goes on forever. What a journey that would be.