Friday, January 29, 2010

The Queen of Cups

(She is from the Druidcraft Tarot)

In the Celtic tradition, water symbolizes the subconscious, the eternal knowledge, the spirit that resides just underneath our daily doings...this is why the Salmon is traverses this knowledge, it lives in this understanding and can tell us what we need to know...
The Queen of Cups tells of a woman who can see beneath the surface. A woman who rests in her knowledge of what she glimpses. She goes to the water and dips in her cup. She sips from it. She closes her eyes and understands.
There is no need to rush. What must happen comes as surely as the Moon cycles through her images.

What must be is reflected in that one single drop.
Being calm and assured of the right outcome, is the attitude it holds.
What clarity.

Spirit tells me that I am this Queen of Cups.
Why else am I drawn to the Springs? Why else do I dream of the sea? Why else do I love all things that hold?
Why else do I love to sit beside the water with my baskets and collect and dream and close my eyes? I listen to the calm that tells me, "All is right. All is as it should be."

How else can I manage to calm my dreamer's heart into assurance that all that I envision will iron out in just the way it should?
This Queen of Cups is taking deep breaths, pushing away the fear of what might "not" happen, girding her heart and saying, "I know this. I know what I want. I know how to make decisions to make this happen." She kisses the Salmon and lets him go.
She sits under a full moon and begins her weaving (of a sort), and sips from a moonlit cup.
She knows what the "or better" might mean...courage, my love, courage.


sarah said...

I love that tarot card of the Queen of Cups. I love how she has left her chair and gone to the water's edge - somehow that conveys a purposefulness that is not as strongly represented in the Rider Waite. I love the way she looks like a priestess. What deck is it from?

Tammie Lee said...

May you always trust in the deeper vision. And may 'or better' be yours. This is a lovely post and my spirit calmed to be with it. Thank you.

Finegan Antiques said...

What magic is found in nature. The joy of a early morning sun, the peace of a winter's snowfall, the strength from a full moon and the calm and clarity of a glassy pond. All this and more awaits those who take the time to see.


Christine said...

just beatiful.....everything will is's making it's way along the stream edge through the woods of Cold Springs.

love you,

Jeanne Klaver said...

This is beautiful—and true. Thank you for sharing.

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Do have faith in the you inside. It's there to fully bloom. God will be at your side while you walk your path of life my dearest.