Saturday, January 16, 2010

Winter Refresher

I always feel like the middle of winter needs to be used for refreshing oneself.
Spring is about gathering for me...not cleaning.
Winter calls for sparseness, simplicity, bareness.

I created a new fresh look for my blog that is very wintery...some of my favorite places and colors...all misted and encased in ice, watery blues and greens and browns...

The Goddess in her winter attire strews Enchantments at each step.
I notice each one and set them down here to share with you.

Happy wintering.


Jeanne Klaver said...

I love the look—puts me in the season.

sarah said...

This is such a beautiful wintered look. :-) I especially love your subheaders, how do you do them?

katiebird said...

Hey Sarah, thank you! I create the subheaders on Picasa (looove Picasa) and then I post them as a picture gadget...there is a place to drag it just under the main header. Pretty cooool! The fonts are free fonts - one is called "Old Newspaper" and the script is "Olho de Boi"