Saturday, February 27, 2010


I don't talk about it much, not sure why, but music is sooo important to me...the sound of ideas. I wanted to share a couple of things.
If you haven't found Pandora Radio, you're totally missing out!!! It is free (unless you want to buy a song). You can make your own radio stations, for instance, I made a "Lifehouse" station, an "Imogen Heap" Station (woot woot! loooove that girl), and in the process of listening to Imogen Heap, they fit in other artists with similar styles, and I found a new one for me: Regina Spektor. I am so loving her!!!! Can I just share with you, this song - I suggest turning off the Nature sounds at the very bottom of my blog first...otherwise you'll get an odd mix.

I really have no idea what "eet" is, but I LOVE the whole sound, and the idea of things suddenly changing, life becoming something else...kind of like loving the sound of an unfinished, or half-heard word? Like sw - eet...maybe?

When you are done listening to her, you have to watch this Imogen Heap video, which I love:

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Tammie Lee said...

Thank you for the wonderful music!