Friday, February 26, 2010

Places of Worship

Could you imagine being tiny enough to sit under the Lady's Mantle, watching the sun come through the drops like stained glass? I can...I could probably (LITERALLY) sit for an hour or more imagining myself small enough to sit under and on these leaves.

This is Cold Springs.
I have worshiped here; lazily walking through the the tall-as-hips grasses and watching for hummingbirds. I've breathed deeply here with my eyes shut and my head back, palms up, let SPIRIT fill me up like a cup.

This is also Cold Springs.
I've lain under this, and imagined myself at the doors of a great cathedral...and quickly realized I was not imagining one little bit.

Here is a place I could worship. It looks like a "church of my heart", does it not?
This is Brigid's Well in Kildare, Ireland.
I'm gonna go there one day and soak up all that Brigid's image means in my heart...
though my little Cold Springs will probably always hold more magic to me.


sarah said...

What a wonderful place.

Laura said...

I love this, Katie. The real place of worship, the place of real relationship, is indeed in our hearts with the God who created all the wonder and beauty like Cold Springs. What a lovely place.

Thank you for taking us there.


Jeanne Klaver said...

You are so right about Cold Springs—it IS magical. I feel more at peace in Nature than anywhere and your photos brought total peace into my world. I loved them all, but am particularly drawn to the tree branch, the perspective, the shape, my imaginings...