Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunshine, Dickens, and Spirituality

Today I have had that rare chance of a morning to myself. I've been drinking my 1/2 caff. and sitting in the sunshine that comes through one window. I've been dreaming of new jobs and writing a fresh resume'. I've been making lists of things to do to get our house ready for a new family.

I've been dreaming of the homestead I want: the yellow farmhouse smack in the middle of farm land, the 3 goats (with names from Great Expectations: Pip, Miss Havisham, and Estella), a pig (whom I'd love to name for Dickens himself), a line of laundry snapping in the sun and the breeze and chickens chickens chickens pecking about.
Today I've been reflecting on Spirit. The Great Spirit/God/Goddess/Universe...whatever you like to call "it", and thought to myself that I'd love to share it this view on it all. I read many blogs that hint at belief and touch on ideas, and they are kindred and I get it. But sometimes I'd love a full run-down of where someone is coming from, you know. So, thought I'd give my run-down.

I have a book called "Hide and Seek with God" that I've read to the kids many times. It tells of a simple game of hide and seek that God was playing with some children. God went and hid, and all the children counted and then ran out to find God. One child said, "Here is God. I've found god in the stars!" Another child yelled out, "No, I found God! God was right here inside of me!!!" and another child yells, "I found God, sillies! God is in this tree and these grasses." To which God answers, "YES, You've all found me!" That's about how I feel.

I think the idea of God is too big to put in a box or to write down rules for. I feel left out as a woman if I think that God has to be a man, so I feel that God must be none/both. I feel that we all have it just a little bit right. I love to imagine a Goddess in the Moon, in the trees, in the Sea, in the grasses, the flowers, in my own mothering, in my wifehood, in my family, in the sun waking up and the sun going to sleep, in the way I make decisions...If I need to make an archetype of her, she would be a STRONG MOTHER, and I choose the image of Mary for myself...not a quiet, whimpering type, but the strength and humility it takes to be a Mother...the sacrifice, the love, the aching courage, the ability to change and form and create.

I am not religious, but I am certainly deeply spiritual. Just felt like sharing on this sunny Sunday morning - love to you all!


sarah said...

Thank you so much for sharing this. It's the second post I've read in two days that clearly explains the writer's faith, and each time I have felt deeply touched by something beautiful.

I love the image of God playing hide and seek with children!

Graciel @ Evenstar Art said...

You are most definitely a kindred of mine. God is within and God is in Nature and yes, I too, love Mary as my favored image of love and strength.

I wish you lived closer to me, Katie Bird. We would take weekly walks to find God in the details.

xoxo, Graciel

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Wow wow wow....I'm speachless. This is so true. I do feel the exact same way. Never I go to church (unless there's an important thing going on I need to be there). yet I do believe there is a God, but what form it has??? Who know's. Is it a He or a She, I dunnoo and I don't care even less. Just to know and feel that there is some thing makes me feel sooo sooo happy inside. I'm gladd you've put this out. And I will follow you on this one soon. Because it feels so important for me to do so.

Sweet wonderful amazing hugs from my soul to yours Katiebird.

Jeanne Klaver said...

These photos are beautiful and your words so wise. Thank you for sharing. The music adds so much...