Saturday, February 27, 2010


(artwork by Susan Seddon-Boulet)

I have noticed, in my rather short-ish life (34 is not yet a grown up, I've found), that weaving one's life requires not only the tucking in of longish threads and the beginning again of entire sections, but that there will be threads you MUST leave out.
Let these be picked up by someone else to continue weaving with. There are some whose presence will only leave a hole to mend...I can do without holes to mend.

At those times when I imagine my life with those "threads" I can think, "What might I be missing?" Then the reality of the complication/implication washes over me, and I rush back to the beautiful tapestry I've woven SANS HOLES, and I am happy and filled and content.

Really there is nothing to miss from something that would only be nothing in the end.

If this makes no sense to you, you may have never had a "hole to mend" in your life, and that is just those who "get it"...all I say is, "I understand."

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