Saturday, March 27, 2010


No pictures just yet...I have trouble with my new camera taking the best pictures and I don't have the picture program I use to have, so I make do. It is sort of like going from speedboat to a used car...however I love having to take more time to get what I want. Is that weird?
I was cleaning out my former work room and found myself looking at half finished projects and old ideas and was so so glad to have had that experience of owning my own business and selling my art, but so so glad to be done with it, as I was going through my old school/teachery things and adding to them. I loved thinking today about a classroom in which I would perhaps hang banners of little woodcut ladies across the room who would be holding signs for proofreading marks or math helps. That excites me these days...
I wish I could get excited about loosing weight. The yo-yo of it all for the past 8 years just gets me down. I know what I need to do, as it has worked for me twice, but I have willpower that would fill a thimble, so it fades after about 2 months. I figure, could the third time be the charm?! Why not.
For today, I've been clearing and cleaning and filling our truck with the excess of a few years, and tonight is Earth this bodes well as you know how much I love metaphor. Could it be that the FINALLY cleaning out of my home means I am ready to loose weight? I take it as a good sign.

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sarah said...

I hope your weekend is going well :-)