Monday, May 10, 2010

Settling My Dust

A little while back, my sweetie and I were able to take a 3-day weekend together. We took our 3rd baby...yes, the trailer...and we trundled on out to Oregon's Outback (seriously). We went to a place called "Summer Lake"...I put that in quotes because, "Where was the lake? All I see is a white, cracked lakebed." Seriously...where was the lake?

Anyway, it was one of the strangest vibes I've ever encountered. And I encounter vibes, let me tell you. I was picking up on the"peace dude" vibe, if you know what I was the most hippy place I've ever been in. The most "off the grid" place, too. I found myself sinking right into it. Literally...I went for an early morning walk one day and found myself
There were no sounds as I got out there. I couldn't even hear a bird. I laid down at one point in an open space of scrub and listened to the nothing.
My mind is constantly abuzz. With my thoughts, with my neighbor's thoughts, with the thoughts of those who are thinking about me hard enough. It isn't all it's cracked up to be, let me tell you.

So coming here to this place was a lot like letting the dust settle.
A quietening that I could see myself needing at least once a year...the hot springs inside this old barn didn't hurt either for settling the dust, too.

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