Friday, July 16, 2010


I'm feeling the edges of my dreams tonight...such old dreams that seem so simple.
I am also imagining the day that I will say to you, "My dreams have come true!!"

Meanwhile, I've been keeping positive and testing my resolve...or rather, having my resolve tested...not sure which.

I've been listening to the little things more often...the very little things...and considering them...I've been listening first and longer and then answering...I've been imagining myself in the little spaces of my dreams. In the sunshine in my new garden. In the sunset at a barbeque on my front porch. In the winter crunching through the snow to feed my chickens. Sipping my coffee, throwing my laptop in the passenger seat and leaving for my 4th grade classroom.

Today I thought about my daughter...when she wants something really bad she cries and cries. She doesn't understand why she can't have it. I understand the depths of her heart, because on the inside I cry and throw a fit too sometimes...I'm really grateful that I am in the arms of a loving parent as well, who knows my heart and wants me to have what I'd really love, but has been waiting for me to quit crying and ask politely. I laugh at the simplicity of it, but honestly, I think it is true!

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Christine Crocker said...

beautiful katiebird...

little B and I are here listening to your birds and reading your beautiful letter this morning...
we look forward to sunsets and snow crunching and playing with the chickens and sniffing the flowers in your gardens.

love you,
momma and little B