Saturday, July 03, 2010

Morning Sacrament

glimmer-gliding over a morning-darkened lake
i paddle through mist
and fog smudged sun reflections
first pink as blush
now aging orange
then quicksilver

around a reedy bird-yard
quiet, watchful

and there
a ghost

wrapped in misty, twirling sunbeams
standing sternward
flipping, flicking a silver line
first behind, then before
behind, before
the thin shining strand rests

slippery shadows beneath dance close

afterall, he's only here for Morning Sacraments
with the sun
and the gold
and the shadows

and me.

You must look at this photo close and close and close.
In the midst of our Divinely Created Morning on the Lake, and after our initial awe,
we saw, in the mist, a fly was one of the most magical experiences to see it. The line looked like silver thread flashing back and forth. When I returned back to our campsite, and after a nap, I set about writing a poem to recreate that tiny part of the morning.


Christine Crocker said...

there are just no words...
how beautiful just doesn't say it enough...
this is one of those very rare things that one must witness and to be able to tell of it...
with words that can dance on water.

sarah said...

wow, I love this. beautiful.

Laura said...

beautiful image, Katie... and to capture such a rare gift.


Naquillity said...

sometimes it's simply those unexpected moments we capture through our lens that we initially didn't see that makes it so beautiful. love the capture and poem. have a wonderful night.

Kerri said...

This photo is gorgeous! Love it.