Friday, July 23, 2010

Self-Portrait Friday and a Swimming Hole

My little family and I found a treasure in the middle of the high desert yesterday.
It was kind of like "the house that jack built"...
Because someone wanted to see our house while we were still in our pjs, I left the house with a brand new dress I just bought on (not sure why I threw that on), and my daughter left the house with her flannel jammies on (not sure why she was wearing those),
and because we needed something to do we went for a drive
and because we went for a drive, we found a GeoCache down a dusty dirt road,
because we had stopped for a GeoCache down a dusty dirt road, we saw a forest service guy who said hello
because he said hello, we talked some more,
because we talked some more, we learned that there was a creek a few miles further down the road
because we were hot and dusty and needed more time to kill, we drove a few miles further
and found a creek that wasn't too cold, with big sandy-bottomed pools to dunk ourselves in,
because we could, there was some nakedness by some of my family members but I went in my dress, and we dunked ourselves over our heads in this beautiful, wonderful private spot that no one seems to know about...
and I ain't tellin' just in case I want nakedness sometime, too


Naquillity said...

oh, i love new, found treasures like this that everyone can enjoy. what luck you had by having someone come look at your house. btw, i love geocaching though i haven't gone in a long while. hope all is well.

sarah said...

how wonderful ... I love how way leads on to way.

good luck with your house!