Sunday, July 25, 2010


I just watched a fascinating little foreign film called "Seraphine" tonight.
It is the fictionalized true-story of a poor French woman in the early
1900s who was compelled to paint.
She had very little money and made her own paints out of just about anything, and painted on little pieces of smooth flat wood that she could find - it was SO fascinating.

The more I saw what she had created, the more I understood her.
Her creation touches me. The colors, the movement, even the paintings that seem oddly disturbing...the colors are genius, the textures seem to move...I found myself pausing the movie whenever her art was shown and becoming so fascinated that I was shaking my head and saying "oh wow" at each new piece she created.
The actress who played her, Yolande Moreau, was perfect. I loved her to the end...
I must get my hands on a big full-color book of Seraphine's artwork now.

It reminds me that my love, my excitement, my commitment to being a teacher is almost like something I cannot help but put my whole being into. I saw myself like Seraphine who wanted to paint and had no money but cobbled together whatever she needed just to be able to do what she loved.

THOUGH, there were sad stretches in her life...when she was misunderstood, when she was left behind, when she thought wealth might be the end result, when she became mentally ill...her life and art can still provide insight and inspiration.

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sarah said...

this looks so interesting, i love learning about people like this - small, intriguing shadows cast across the bright light of history.