Sunday, August 15, 2010

Life is Sweet

In a bright green orchard, smack in the middle of the desert (like some sort of sticky steamy oasis), we gathered peaches this weekend. We scouted out the perfect peaches.
It was quiet and sweet. The peaches hung in varying stages of readiness, many already dropping to the ground, squishing under our feet.
There were sticky arms up to our elbows, big wet spots on our shirts and toes, and desperately still moments in the shade when we thought it couldn't get any hotter...and then a gracious little breeze blew up the row and we all said, "aaaaahhhhh..."

I have so much I want to say today, but I'm in some sort of half-way dream and can't say it yet.

So, I've been settling for things like finding the best peach EVER - hot from the sun, the leaves stayed on, and the taste was pure bliss.
and peachy-pink ladybugs found hiding in peach tops...PERFECTION!!


Naquillity said...

these peaches look scrumptious. sounds like you all had a great time. i'm thinking peach cobbler with all the extra peaches. hope all is well.

Kerri said...

This looks so wonderful! I especially love the last photo.

The Man said...

Both your son and daughter are adorable. It's true that kids make our day after a long and tiresome work from 9 to 5.