Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Little Lava Lake

I take a risk at putting this picture on. It is me with all my rolls and bumps, but in another better way, I love it. I had been having the strongest urge to swim in the lake. I just wanted to take my clothes off and dive in. I stood staring at the strange beauty of frothy, bubbly yellow-orange algae clinging precariously to ancient lava flows, broken by the years and softened a bit.
And all of a sudden, before I'd even known what I was thinking, I had pulled my shirt over my head, laid my hat down and dove in. It was exhilarating...my skin tingled and I could hardly catch my breath it was so cold. I barely lasted a short go round, before I hopped out, pulled my shirt back on and began to wring out my skirt. It made me so happy to know that I'd done it without too much hemming and hawing and talking about it...I said I wanted to, and I then...I just did. Having seen one naked woman and heard tell of one naked man nearby, I can see that the pull to feel the coolness over the only part of yourself that was truly YOURSELF, was catching.

~When you hear that inner voice, listen to it...just jump in.~

Golden light sparkled at me, even when I closed my eyes I saw it. The awe of the slate-chip bed of the river, only shin-deep in most places turned my curiosity over and over and over. I was like a child in wonder, and when I found a rock at the perfect height hidden among a stand of purple-topped grasses, I was in a quiet state of praise. The colors and the sounds were sharp and solid. The smells were fresh and faint and clean. The water was the perfect temperature, whether I wanted it warm or cool.

~God's gifts are varied and if there were bows tiny enough, we'd see them tied around the minutia of life. I look for them. I love presents.~

The gift of repose. Give it to yourself. Make your mind stay quiet when you are in the midst of a gift like this. Tuck away those things that will not get better by worrying over them. Instead of taking them out, bury them under a rushing river and let the movement round the edges of them, so that while you are reveling in the sunlight and the birdsong and coolness of the river, your worries are being dulled...forever.

~Be in the moment. Let tomorrow worry about itself. ~

Trouble stacks itself upon itself. Worry begets worry. The secret to life, at the moment, is to find the places in the dead-fall where the sunlight comes through the needles. It is in finding a few minutes joy at seeing the change in the shades and hues of green to gold. It is the delicate bone-like quality of dead trees, and the rusty marrow of the beetle-devoured insides.
There is beauty, even, in this.

~See beauty and give it the time it deserves to be admired.~

This trip reminds me that we are each only human. We are each on a journey that is informed not by what has happened to us (thank GOD for our tangled webs that make us fall in love with those who naturally know how to untangle), but by what we make of it all when we are through.
It reminds me that each person has the freedom to make of themselves whatever they will.
It told me that no matter what we've done, ultimately other's lives and how they live it
is their own doing.

~We choose how we feel and how we'll react at EVERY SINGLE MOMENT. We CHOOSE.~

Therapy CAN be this simple, if we open ourselves to the HEALING properties of NATURE.

"Nature is most lavish in her gifts and in order to appreciate them we should listen to her voice and study well her teachings." ~J.Clark
Words I live by.


sarah said...

how wonderful! I am so happy for you that you blessed yourself with this experience.

Sea Angels said...

Fabulous....that is just the sort of thing I would do....ha !
Hugs Lynn xxx

*megula* said...

Beautiful setting, beautiful post, beautiful woman :)

ruma2008 said...

The scenery is fantastic!

From the Far East.

Sea Angels said...

Katie...sorry to write on your post like this xx
I was ...have been trying to buy some old romany style clothes pegs..am I right in remembering that you made some, I do hope it was you...ha ha it seems the kind of mad and wonderful thing you would do xx..if it was you can you tell me how to do it... please...(pleading look )
hugs Lynn xxx
are you still swimming xx

Naquillity said...

oh Katiebird this is such a wonderful post filled with inspiration and nature's beauty. how i love to hear you just JUMPED. what a delightful memory you've made for yourself. thanks for sharing. have a great day.

Christine Crocker said...

thank you for such a beautiful gift~I loved every minute of it.

Mrs. Staggs said...

This post mirrors much of what I have been thinking about too, Katie. You have such a gift for writing. I love how you open up your heart and set your feelings free.

My very best wishes to you on your new teaching job. I'm so very happy for you!