Sunday, October 24, 2010

the always

I think
it must be
that Always
my heart has worn a cloak such as this
on rainswept days, on hills thick with musty sage

Always my heart
has wrapped itself in brown linen
thick as fresh-churned butter

I think
it must be
that Always
My hands were ready
to stitch my heart's dreams

no matter how small,
my hands made my tiny dreams

I think
it must be
My heart has tied sweet annie from rafters
of a very old barn
with tiny treasures nestled in every nook

& that brown linen Kinsale cloak
has been infused
in every fiber
with sweet annie and sage and juniper

I think
it must be
that Always
My heart has bundled
and wrapped and tied
broom corn into a besom

it Must be
the always

that swirls sweet annie smoke
through my cloak
through my barn
through my besom
through my heart

one curl of sweetness at a time


Barefoot from Heaven said...

Okay .... no words to be found here my friend. Love this every single bit of it.

Keep your Always, always.
Hugs Dagmar

Jesska said...

Your always is and always be amazing...I love love love your writings/poems/ beautiful wonderful wise soul sister! Much love to you! :)