Sunday, October 17, 2010


There is a home that lives at the edge of my fingertips
begun on homestead land

There is a garden, unmade
ready for scarlet flax, broom corn and sweet annie

there is a chicken house
perfect in every way, from original paint to rusty hooks

and all I have to do now is to

when I wished for a job
I got myself one

I'd prayed and cried and fretted and finally just hoped
here's to one more


To my sweetest blog friends (especially you Dagmar :),
I am not unhappy with my new job, and in fact I LOVE my job.
We've had our house on the market for quite a few months,
and have our dream home just at our fingertips. This isn't an old dream. In fact, it is what we've wanted for over 10 years now.
Just need some more praying and hoping so we can get that dream home!

Another P.S: that beautiful lady is from a very dear friend, who makes divine things with her hands...she is seriously talented...look for yourself.


paper roads said...

hoping and wishing that your dream comes true.

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Hi there beautiful there anything I can help you with. Take some weight of your shoulders...

Do I read it right, don't you like your job and want a new one?
I'll pray for you, whatever it is you're in need off.
Hugs Dagmar

Jesska said...

Sweet Soul Sister~ Never a momment when your words do not leave me in awe...your words to say and sweet thing the time will come, it will come in due time when all seems a little aloof and lost it will sneak up on you like the lost winter sun! Much love

katiebird said...

I couldn't have said it better are so sure you're younger than me?! love ya!

sandra lee said...

Your blog is beautiful...I too have a dream home I pass by quite often and just keep saying my prayers if it is to be! Your photos and music make me feel like I am in my kayak on a stream somewhere...