Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I just have to turn your attention to my teaching blog post today...because sharing helps get it off my chest...doesn't make my chest any smaller (pleaaaaaase god make it smaller), but it does make it less of a burden... :)


sarah said...

oh how lovely your blog looks! but not so good at the teaching blog! oops. have you tried removing the background? It looks like your footer went wild, or something. When I go to your home page, I see the contents all there properly for about half a second. Those free backgrounds can go weird sometimes though. Good luck!!

ps, the header there is so beautiful.

Mrs. Estvold said...

Thank you Sarah! What about now? It looked great on my end, but you never know what it will do on someone else's. I appreciate you helping me! thank you about the header...I was a paid artist at one time, and that is one of my favorites :)

paper roads said...

Sorry for being so late in getting back to you about this ... it looks wonderful! All fixed. And really such a beautiful site too. I wish I could draw like you.