Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Fullness & Emptiness

There is a child in my room who struggles with neglect. His little face is rarely washed. His clothes stay on his body for literally weeks at a time. He is constantly itchy. These are the smaller things that are left empty in his life...the one I really notice is how much he needs hugs. Oh yes, the way he goes about it is lip-curling-ly annoying...but, it pains me to see how deep his emptiness has come. He is only 6 years old. How does a little child get so lost and hollow?

I love my job because I get to see parents who fill their children to capacity every single day. They are brushed and fed and moderately clean (all Kindergarteners have the tremendous ability of taking one crayon from a cup and finding themselves dirty from sleeve to toe). I see children who do not need my hugs but definitely want them. I talk to littles who want my attention, but do not always need it. This boy needs it.

I want to rattle the teeth out of the parents who simply forget that they've a little child they brought into the world who still needs their tenderness. What in god's name happens to them that they cannot check to see if their child is hungry or full, dirty or clean, sad or happy, awake or is full of emptiness some days.

As a teacher, there is a gap I can fill...and so I fill it with a hug, a tender look, a real interest, a glass of milk, a hot apple cider...whatever I can do to fill up that boy's growing emptiness...


paper roads said...

so very sad :-(

Laura said...

And it's just for this season that you are right there in that little boy's life. It's no mistake that you are there to pour into his life with a hug, a smile, or a glass of milk . . to pour in to the emptiness. I love your heart, friend.

You are loved,

Sea Angels said...

I hate it..I really don't like children being neglected and this neglect gets's not bad enough to be reported, but a life is made sour and empty, thank the Gods you are there, do what you can lovely what you can as I know you will xxx
BB Lynn xx

Jesska said...

I see this daily with my neighbor kids yet it's all you can do to just give them the love they need by a clean floor to sit upon and read or a clean glass to drink from...this child is very lucky to have you in his life...perhaps he will remember you in the farthest days of his life for the love and compassion you hold. :)