Saturday, November 20, 2010

I love a

I don't normally blog about this, mostly because I keep a little book of all of my favorites, but I love movies. I was a bit ashamed of this at one point because I figured it might explain why I was becoming overweight to some people, but do you know what I realized? It just wasn't true. I've loved movies since I was little, and it is no different it is.
I love stories: reading novels, being read to, movies, picture books, historical museums, museums with the story of a place or animal...I even love to hear what people did over the weekend...obviously I read other people's stories in the form of blogs as well. So, yes, I love a story.

Here are a few that I had never really heard of before, but have recently rediscovered. I'd watched them some time in the past but didn't pay much mind to them besides a passing, "Ah yes, that is an interesting story." But, I've realized what fine pieces they are in some way or another.

Firstly, because it is on my mind first, is "Doubt". Wow...Phillip Seymour Hoffman was PHENOMENAL in this one. Of course, Meryl Streep is who she is - always WONDERFUL, but seriously, I've never seen Hoffman do better. I've always expected him to play the oily unctuous secretive sleezy type, so here he was ACTUALLY making you forget everything he'd ever been in, and then to wonder what sort of trick he was playing on you in the first place. Was he or wasn't he? Did he or didn't he? I was so surprised at how good the movie was, I had to go and watch some more with him in it...yup, I definitely think he was best in this one, for me...

Okay, next is something steamy: "The Lover" I won't really get into why I chose this movie to watch, but let's just say that the steamiest parts of the movie include touching pinkies, holding hands and a kiss through a window...I was breathless during those parts of the movie and I think I said out loud, "wow, woah..." If you ask me, that is good writing.
The middle part of the movie took me on a kind of interesting adventure about a life and mix of characters I hadn't ever imagined before, and the ending was, while not shocking, surprising. The cinematography in the beginning credits and for a few scenes at the beginning were amazingly beautiful and drew me in right away. I love movies for all sorts of different reasons, this one had some understated beauty in parts.
The Lover

One movie I have watched probably 4 or 5 times now, is called "Firelight". Whenever I think of that movie, I see the gazebo-like greenhouse/sunroom in the middle of a pond/pool...there are some beautiful scenes in that movie. It is an intriguing story as well, and I won't spoil it by telling any of it to you, but it is a must-see, BEAUTY of a STORY.

One that I've talked about before is called "Seraphine". It is such an amazing glimpse into the life of an artist...and the art is breathtaking. I posted about it once before.
Lastly for right now, is one I just watched called "Silk". I wished they'd made me care more about the characters, cause I think it would've been a much better movie if they had, but the story they told through Keira Knightly's character, I thought was gorgeous. Her clothes, her house, her schoolroom, her garden, her was beautiful. It was really contrasted with her scraggly (although cute) husband and the times he was in Japan...but, like I said, I love movies for different reasons...I saw the story they told about the wife much more clearly than any other part of the movie, and for that reason alone, it gets itself a spot in my favorite movie book (you see, there are many good stories)


Naquillity said...

hello Katiebird~ i've missed dropping by so much. wanted to say i've been sick (anemia) and had to get back on my feet so to speak. feelin' better now though. read in the post below you've had the flu. i'm sorry to hear this. hope you're feeling some better now. what a treat you getting the egg to eat that morning from your chicken, :)

thanks for all these great movie suggestions. i was reminded of how i wanted to see Doubt. i'll be adding it to my Netflix account soon.

hope all is well. have a great night.

Jesska said... did I miss this one...hmm I haven't seen a single one of these movies you have perfectly described..I must watch them expecially Doubt. I've seen that one several times yet haven't rented it. I shall!! Excellent taste dear one..:) Much love!!