Friday, November 12, 2010

in the stretch

lately, I've felt like a rubber band that is in the stretch
waiting for that moment when the
brings it back
to it's center

the pull is uncomfortable
it is filled with a kind of longing
that is only



paper roads said...

wishing you comfort and the lax of calm.

Laura said...

I find when the pull is uncomfortable or if the pull is taking me beyond my comfort zone, then I know indeed it is for a greater purpose. But, if the pull and stretch is because I'm overburdened, too many 'pots in the fire', then I must let it snap back to release the things that way me down and bring me back to a place of true use.

Thanks for sharing that piece of your hearte.


Jesska said...

My beautiful wonderful soul sister...I hope that stretch relaxes soon in a rewarding snap. I love your words you never cease to amaze me, they are always just perfect for whatever your feeling within..:) Sending you lots of love and hugs!