Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Looking Forward

My little family gathered with me tonight.
I covered a big matchbox in pretty paper and then each of us picked out a piece of paper we liked and folded it up to fit in the box.

We each made three goals for the year, two personal goals and one goal that we all agreed on; it wasn't hard to find a goal to agree on. We all want to sell this house and buy the 1901 house we dream of. I loved that everyone drew a picture of what they loved about the 1901 house.
My daughter drew the house with a sheep pen on it. My husband drew himself exercising in front of a large screen tv. I drew all the old trees and buildings on the property. My son drew the house and the barn and lots of open grass...that surprised and delighted me to no end.

We wrapped our goals up together in pretty pewter gray ribbon and put it inside our pretty little box, then I wrapped the box up with a glittery turquoise snowflake. We'll keep our box out in a windowsill to gather moonlight and sunlight all year. It will remind us of our goals, and our promise to help each other achieve our goals.
What a sweet, special time we had together tonight. It is these little simple celebrations that make everything so merry and bright in our home. I just love my little family.
Happy Solstice to all of you who celebrate the renewing of the year and the birth and growth of the Sun - from my family to yours.


sarah said...

that is a lovely, lovely idea. I am utterly enchanted. May your wishes come true.

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Wow what an amazing night you all had. And such wonderful idea to gather all your dreams put them in the window so light can be spread over them. I might copy you on this one my friend. because I do believe life 'works'this way....I'll keep you informed.
Oh and that 1901 house....will wait there for you and your family.
I'll cross my fingers.
Do send out some photo's of it if you can.
Hugs D. and merry christmas to you and your loved ones.

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Duh sorry just saw you had some of the pics right here already in your blog...it's lovely. D.

Graciel @ Evenstar Art said...

this beautiful idea knocks my socks off and has my heart jumping for joy!

katie, i love the magic of this and i pray for 1901 to be a very good year for your family.

merry, soulful christmas!!!!

love, graciel