Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Ramblings - or Thoughts on a Wednesday

This Wednesday morning at 7 am - the parking lot is a figure skater's dream

I have some ramblings tonight and I don't really feel like doing much editing on it all. I tend to feel that if I don't make each and every posting be some sort of wonder, I must be letting you down...probably not. I'm not let down by anyone else not posting that I love to read. I figure they have lives and when they are back, they'll have something wonderful or interesting to post about. That is about the way of it...we go away and we come back, eager to share our adventures. My adventures have included ice and gray sunrises, giving the boot to one real estate agent and taking on another one, seriously lowering our selling price, following rabbit trails through the snow with my Kindergarteners, enjoying my teacher's aide, enjoying my new snow boots, stowing away christmas presents, reflecting on Solstice traditions/beliefs/rituals/celebrations, loosing serious weight (thank the goddess), battling the flu and a head cold, and generally
in circles
that this
is only
and soon
it will

me thinks this is a lie we tell ourselves.

I think the truth is, is that all this waiting and rushing is actually LIFE and we might be missing it waiting for the calm center...dang it.

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Lena said...

Hi Katie,

I love all your posts.

I think the calm center is something that we carry inside of us. Every now and then we misplace it, and have to go looking for it, but it's there. Take a deep breath. Slowly let it out.

Take care.