Monday, December 20, 2010


(The Mid- Winter Moon)

fingers plucking dulcimers deep in a wood
soft winds lift cloak edges
following the silvered path winding ahead

a longing and lantern light
a silent call and crackle of fire ahead
through the moon-washed darkness

snow is deep and clings
following those who've gone before
breath floats like smoke

walking ever in
ever in
and on

celebrating the old
welcoming the new
and the wheel is set forward

the promise of warmth and hope
turning and returning
this deep eve

all life in a swirling spiral
ever in
ever in
and on


Sea Angels said...

Hi Katie
We have a full moon on the Solstice, and I found this lovely Ritual opening from many many years ago and thought you may like to use it, Solstice blessings
BB Lynn xxxxx

This is the time of the fullness of the Moon.
All things wax and wane, and on this evening
The powers of life, of magic, and of creation are at their highest.
This is the time of building, of doing.
It is a time when the veil between the mundane world
And the strange and beautiful realms of Elphame becomes thin indeed.
On this night one may transcend the boundaries of the worlds with ease,
And know of beauty and enchantment.

This is the time of the fullness of the Moon.
A time for weaving of the inchoate into being,
Of spinning the strands of space and of time to bring forth Creation.
For all does rotate, and turn about upon itself;
This is a Mystery of the greatest magnitude.
The Gods know of it, and we shall also.
Weave a spell of moonlight,
And fashion with it a fabric of pure magical substance.

This is the time of the fullness of the Moon.
This is a time of travelling unseen in the full moonlight,
A time for hearing elfin music not made by humankind.
It is a time for oneness with the forest, with the mountains,
With the eternal and life-giving sea, with the warm rains
And the bolt of lightening that creates the very spark of life.
It is a time to stand before the Cauldron of our Lady
And to see form, and substance, and being created anew once more.
With love lynn x

Jesska said...

Enchanting music greets with captivating words..a gasp, a tear, the beauty you've captured here, the hair on my arms is still standing in a wonderful delight...Oh Happy Solstice!! I love love love you!

paper roads said...

So beautiful.

Amas Veritas said...

Thank God for the continuity of life, and for that the knowledge that there is nothing new under the moon. :)

Christine Crocker said... you....