Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Best things about Tuesday night

...are The Carpenter's LP playing "Close to You"
scratchy and tinny and beautiful
I love the sound of a vinyl record
it makes me feel like painting my nails bright pink
and reading a Seventeen magazine
I was born in 1975, but instead of mooning over 1980s music (which I sorta actually do)
I really love 1970s music...

I just love the subtle disco beat...and the excessive use of horns and harmonies...
and of course I love the white strappy sandals on Karen Carpenter on the album cover...

and this hot chocolate made from sugar-free hershey's syrup (wow!),
half and half and whipped cream.
Totally sugar-free (cause sugar don't agree with me very well)
and so yummy and decadent tasting I had to do a glowy haze and close-crop on it in Picasa

...oh, time to flip the record and listen to "Baby It's You"...

Two of my favorite 70s songs:

I love Rita Coolidge...look how hot she was in 1970!


Jesska said...

Ooo diggin ole’ Rita’s turquoise and silver jewelry…I imagine listening to the oldies on records is absolutely divine… and that sugar free hot chocolate I envy you…LOL  My fave from that time era is Carol King “Tapestry” and the works of good ole’ Van Morrison!  Hubba bubba 

A Fine Farmhouse said...

Oh... I WAS Karen CArpenter , growing up ! I know every song by heart... My daddy used to have a huge desk in his home office.... I'd clear it off and use it as my stage....where i would sing into my hairbrush microphone and sing... .... I"m on the TOP of the World " Thanks for sharing !