Saturday, January 15, 2011

clothes i heart

I had some serious fun playing on Polyvore today. I've made art from it before, but never really looked at the fashion end of it. I'm not really a "fashion" type of person.
But recently, I've been loosing weight...lots of weight...and I've been feeling like looking
at clothes...Here are clothes I heart:

I think I should make a paperdoll of myself that I could dress in these clothes for my paper dollhouse!!!!! And I'm ON THE HUNT for dresses like those up there for REAL! I'm fairly interested that when I really got into digging up what my favorite styles were, that I was drawn like a moth to these kinds of dresses, in these colors...soo interesting, especially considering that there is NOTHING in my closet right now that resembles any of these dresses even slightly. Hmmm, must remedy that.


A Fine Farmhouse said...

I Heart this post , Katie ! and ALL of your posts ! But this one strikes me, as I have just discovered Polyvore. I haven't quite got the hang of it yet...but, Love the concept, as I'm trying to re-create "Me". I love all of your choices. ! Have fun dressing yourself... You're such a beautiful ladye :-) You have a beautiful soul.

Jesska said...

You have ton's of fashion and style in many ways. Loosing weight does have that affect of recreating expecially when one looks great in clothing that makes them feel good. These clothes are delightful, I can totally see you wearing them!! I love this post as well, and you have fine taste in such beautiful things!! :)