Wednesday, January 05, 2011


This is the card I chose for myself last year - it represents me on a spiritual level. I'm just learning what that all really means to me. I am these things. I am trying to be these things. I work on these things. I am also not these things, even when I believe they are right. There should never be an end to doing better, don't you think?

The Queen of Cups is...
turns away wrath with caring
is unconditionally accepting
is sensitive to the feelings of others
dispels anger and hate
has infinite patience

is easily moved by another's pain
reacts with sensitivity and compassion
is kind and gentle with all creatures
can never turn away someone in need
feels what others are feeling

is always tuned to emotional undercurrents
senses the climate of a situation
is guided by the heart
trusts an inner sense of what is true
understands without having to ask

is open to the unconscious
has a well-developed sixth sense
can have a telepathic bond with another
has a finely-tuned sensibility
is a natural medium

feels oneness with God and the universe
has reverence for all life
finds joy in communion
appreciates the deeper meanings of life
sees the world as a holy place


You'll have to just believe me on this, but I just watched a movie called Run, Fat Boy, Run, which I loved. It was funny, witty, and true. The main idea is that this guy just never believed he was good enough and ended up leaving his pregnant love-of-his-life at the altar. In the end, he completes a marathon to prove he loves her. The coolest part, for me, was that when he was about to give up the first time, he imagined he saw himself in front him encouraging him to complete the marathon. At the very end, he almost couldn't make it over the finish line until the loves of his life (the woman and their child) show up and coax him to the finish line. He makes it by falling into their arms. I cried at both points, because it reminds me that we FIRST cannot go forward without our own compassion to ourselves, and we cannot FINISH without accepting the compassion of others. To love ourselves and to accept the love that others want to give us are the finest things in life. Without those two things, we can count ourselves as lost.

Sending you all love, love and more love today...can you take it?


Jacqueline said...

Run Fat Boy Run is one of my most favourite movies Katie...sweet, funny and yes, compassionate.
If you haven't seen it already, have a watch of On A Clear Day.
Now...movies aside...careful on the compassion and empathy bit...sometimes it can consume you. Always keep yourself clearly defined...the line between their pain and yours. I know.

katiebird said...

I love that you said that Jacqueline. It has been a lifelong affliction of mine to give too much where I should be guarding. I've had to work on that my whole life...I've had trouble feeling others' pain and not realizing it isn't mine...
I will have a watch of On A Clear Day - I love meeting new kindred spirits :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post ... and I also like what Jacqueline wrote.

paper roads said...

um ... I wonder what happened to my comment? Oh well, blessings to you :-)

katiebird said...

I wonder where your comment is too! I value your insights, Sarah :)