Sunday, January 09, 2011


Wow, I really like that word "ensconced." Doesn't it sound as if you were happily being kept in a very high tower, much like rapunzel or someone like her in some sort of old story that tells a tale worth remembering...yes, ensconced.

So, the reality of my world is that I have many of my fine things sitting in a very dirty shed right at this moment. I went looking for the book which accompanies my plant oracle cards, and found mouse droppings, mouse nests, mouse "pantries", and mouse...well, for lack of a better word, confetti, for I can't for the life of me think of why a mouse should want to pick to bits a piece of red paper and leave it in a dusty heap and then poop on it, except for the idea that they might have had a little mouse party and things got fairly wild.

The next reality is that the mice have taken up residence in all 6 drawers of a tall dresser in that dirty shed, and they've apparently "eaten" about four complete beeswax candles from the top drawer and left more poop that looks like beeswax in the next drawer. In the third drawer, they've made a house out of bits and subsequent drawers are some sort of "reserve" they've created. They've even gathered bits of crusty bread from the chicken yard; snatchy little fellows, don't you think?

Reality number three is that I've found a hole in a plastic bag that holds some of my handmade purses and scarves and things like that, and I just threw that to the back in disgust, because I really didn't want to see what they'd done to it.

The mice are ensconced in the shed.
How romantic...for a mouse.

Reality number four is that I throw my three kitties in the shed about twice a week now.
Being "ensconced" is a treasure for them; they are done in about 10 minutes with what they need to do.
How fulfilling...for a cat.


Sea Angels said...

Ahh you must admit they are very resourceful, and have excellent taste, in both beeswax and artifacts. Better to be a cultured field mouse than just a scavaging pest....and how much tastier they must have been for your kittys, delightful honeyed morsels......
Hugs Lynn
I'm esconced at work....wished I was a mouse xx or even better a kitty...

paper roads said...

isn't it funny, the difference between a romantic fairytale idea and its reality :-)

Garden of Rambles said...

This is too funny - but sorry about the mouse attack. I once had a baby dress of my dads (yes, baby boys had dresses waaay back then) and I also have a photo of me in that dress. Long story short, I left it in a place I thought was protected, but mice ate parts of the dress. Still have the dress, though, with it's nibbled away parts. Keep those kitties busy! joand

Jacqueline said...

sounds like you have allowed for a better shed-balance with the introduction of said kitties.
Good luck to both parties and sorry about the scarves and purses!

Jesska said...

Aww yes..but be glad they’ve taken up shack in the shed and not in your house..of course your kitties would defiantly escort them out quiet quickly there… We invaded the island of Shrews when we moved in to our place…they are quiet tricky and it’s worse when they only come out in the evening or night.. Then it’s like a circus..YIKES! I do hope those kitties make feast a plenty!