Monday, January 31, 2011

Everything is new, and by "new" I mean old.

We agonized and almost pulled each other's hair out, and lost what was never ours, and in the space of hours were shown this.
It comes complete with this.
and this.
and this.
and best of all...this.

I'm in farmgirl heaven.

the name of my blog will be changing as my life changes...
as I am no longer going to be living in the woode.

**Names I've been thinking of**
Sparrow's Cottage (it is what I was before, but perhaps I should move forward, or perhaps this is finally me coming to the place I've wanted so long)
the dear old couple named their little farm Stonehaven, and I rather like that.
Wrote in the Dirt (sounds like "or else your name is mud" and that isn't too nice)
Out of the Woode (seems to be looking back though, or rather regretful of time spent in the wood, which I am not)
Arms Open Wide (which is how I feel right now)

**Words in my mind right now**

A Fine Dust
finely dusted
widely dusted
on my feet
widely dwelling
widely unfolding
revealing within
abiding within
abiding widely
widely abiding
dwelling widely
revealing dust within
the dust within

the haven within

**and now goodnight. I may have a deep and dreamless sleep my lovelies**

Edit: trying to take a hot shower to unwind and get sleepy, and it occurs to me that it might be that I should name my journal after myself...novel idea...
Katie Jo

Only my family calls me that, and it is a name from profoundly happy and important times as a little girl on our farm.
I was born Kathryn Jolie, which I am too proud of, and I'm sure it's a sin. I've actually told people my full name while flipping my hair back and checking a nail before I laid it out for them with the appropriate French accent.

My mom calls me Kate sometimes, but I've been Katie my whole grown-up life. My dearest grandma called me katie bird and that is almost like a secret name, which I've told, quietly, over and over again. but it doesn't want to be a title, it is a name tattooed over my heart.

I think it might be right to just call my journal "Katie Jo"
it sounds very farmgirl and wide open spaces and american honey, don't it?
(I promise I only had one beer with dinner, I'm coming by this rambling natural-like)

Something to *try* and think on tonight while I sleep.
Why it should be such a brain-bending idea, I don't know, except that I am an endless word smith and so the way the letters fall together and the sounds of them whispered or exclaimed are of great import.


Jesska said...

Wow, farmgirl!! Is this your new home to be? Where is it located? Congratulations to you and yours!!! (((HUGS)))

katiebird said...

Terrebonne!!! SO much more US!! Know what I mean??!! I know you know what I mean :)

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Wow that looks beautiful Katie Jo...I'm sure you will love it there...Dzintra

sarah said...

Congratulations, I am so very happy for you! This is beautiful!!

Garden of Rambles said...

Like you said before, it's all about gratitude. Having faith in that, your little farm appeared. Congratulations.