Sunday, January 09, 2011

Here's how it is...

I can talk and write about all this lovely stuff, but in the end, even in the midst of writing about compassion and love and happily laying out words of encouragement and understanding, I am so backwards.
I'm writing away, lalala, and my son comes in to ask for batteries. Ugg...I was so ungracious. Why does he have to interrupt me? Why do I have to look NOW for batteries? Why can't you find them yourself? Don't you know I'm trying to write about sweetness and light?!

It turns out that I need a good hour to myself every single day to unwind and recharge my patience. If I don't, I can't even seem to function on a "nice" level. That is the ugly truth of it.
I love these children more than my own life.

They make me proud and remind me of how good we can be as human beings.
They also try me at every turn and show me how important it is to get time to myself.

I actually don't feel that this is the UGLY truth, I think this is a human truth. We all have our things that "recharge" us to deal fairly and patiently in life's situations. It is as much a part of my life as eating and sleeping are. What recharges you?

I've added some music I've been listening to lately on my sidebar...
I think Sarah of paper roads has lovely ideas and so, yes, I've copied her on this as well!


paper roads said...

I think it was no coincidence that your son interrupted you to look for *batteries*. I think it was all part of the message your heart was receiving and understanding. I don't know what recharges me - all the things I do for "time out" make me sleepy!

ps, ironically, I was interrupted in writing this comment as my dog was sick on the carpet. I wonder what message was in that for me? ;-)

paper roads said...

Oh, and I love your music! You have a song there that I adore and forgot to put on my own list, so shall go and do that now.

katiebird said...

I missed the battery reference!!'re right...weird.
Aww least I didn't have anybody sick on the carpet whilst trying to write about sweetness and light :) That'll mellow out the goody two-shoes in me right quick!

Joan said...

no worries about the impatience - that is exactly who I was when I had small children. I am so much better with my grandchildren, perhaps because I know how fleeting the years are - or because I know their parents will be here soon? Hmmm. joand

katiebird said...

@ joan - glad to know I'm not alone! haha on the grandchildren :)

TheVintageMagpie said...

i really admire your honesty. I have 3 children under 12 and I regularly need time out, every day, to breathe and take stock. Otherwise, there would carnage!!
I have just found your blog, and think it is wonderful! Happy New Year!x

Jesska said...

Tis good to hear these words not only from you Katie but from other's as well.