Thursday, January 06, 2011

just dreaming

I am also this woman. The one alone in her cottage happily stirring up herbs to create remedies. She is the woman who is alone most of the time. I envy that. I do so love time to myself.
This card from the Druid Plant Oracle is called "The Restorers."
It actually refers to the three plants she has in her possession there: Meadowsweet, Mint and Vervain.

I have a real desire to keep three kinds of gardens at my new house:a flower garden, a Kitchen garden and a Physick garden. In my flower garden would be flowers for cutting. Bright, beautiful, interesting things. In my Kitchen garden I'd grow veggies and edible flowers and herbs. In my Physick garden would be herbs and flowers grown for remedies and helpful plants like broom corn and I'd try out Loofah gourds. magical plants would be grown everywhere.

Just dreaming today.


paper roads said...

These cards are so beautiful, so rich and warm and luscious. As is your dream of gardens.

Jacqueline said...

I tried loofah gourds last year. Ended up with a GIANT beanstalk (where's Jack?) and measly, tiny gourds. Not enough sun was my diagnosis...have to find another location for next summer.

katiebird said...

Haha Jacqueline! I worry we won't have enough WATER - sunshine isn't a problem in Central Oregon, but enough water is! Jack was UP the beanstalk, dear, UP! haha.