Thursday, January 06, 2011

resting & dreaming

Just dreaming of warmer days today. January dawned colder than it has been all winter, but today there is sunshine and melting and drippy puddles and that makes me feel better.
I'm slowly being drawn to the blue of the sky and the brighter colors again.
I'm dreaming of old-fashioned white-washed one-room school houses today,
and sunshine
and bean plants that grow up the sides of buildings.

I'm dreaming of the home of my heart swathed in green plants and framed by blue sky.
In Central Oregon, it is dangerous to be dreaming about warmer weather in January. Our winters last into March or longer.
Ahh well...that is why it is called dreaming.


sarah said...

Beautiful. You make me dream too. I like the new header!

Garden of Rambles said...

I love your photos and your writing. Thank you.