Thursday, February 24, 2011

Calico Critters

Nothing profound tonight except that I LOVE these little animals so daughter has some little rabbits and kitty cats and plays with them all the time. I love sitting looking at the catalog circling things we both want: the little ballerina set, the squirrel family, the kitty family, the lavender bedroom set...yes, yes...nothing like playing house with itty bitty fuzzy animals:)


Jesska said...

SWEET!!! Reminds me of something we use to play with...awww is there a website?

Kamana said...

how very cute!

Rosamund said...


Just wanted to say that I love your blog, which I have recently discovered. A daily read for me now. And...St. Theresa's prayer is also my favorite. Thanks.

Lisa of Rosamund

katiebird said...

Jessie, there is a website, but I recommend finding them on Amazon. they are cheaper elsewhere. they are really sturdy little toys and they are cute as a button! I love to play with them with Emma. There is a little starter cottage with a mama bunny and two baby bunnies and furniture for around $40. It is worth it. It is sooooo cute! You can buy all the little things seperately and get exactly what you want...even little clothes!! hehe! We would've been in 7th heaven playing with these!!!