Saturday, February 26, 2011

Downton Abbey

My new favorite show: Downton Abbey. I found it on instant play on Netflix and I've been addicted! Firstly, the theme music is beautiful!

Then there is the cinematography:

It is about a very well-to-do English family in 1912 and their relationship with their houseful of is so so very interesting. I highly recommend it!


Tracy said...

Hello! I'm not sure how I found myself here, but glad I did. And I was astonished to see my own blog, Pink Purl, in your blog roll! :o) LOVED Downton Abbey...*swoon*... There's going to be a second series next year, did you know?! We share some very similar viewing tastes. Been browsing around here and enjoying the visit so much. Hoping sooo much your dream house wish becomes reality. Happy Days :o)

katiebird said...

Hooray, Tracy! I just found your blog lately and just had to put you on my list of must reads!! I'm SO glad Downton Abbey is doing a second season. I just loved it! thank you for the good wishes on our dream house - should be happening in less than a month now!

Kerri said...

I've heard of this show but never seen it. Sounds interesting :)