Tuesday, February 15, 2011

dreamy snow day

To use a phrase of a faraway friend: "But that's alright. I believe in the kindness of the universe."
I did not want the snow very badly, but I needed a day off from this Tuesday, more badly.
Tuesday is our busy day, and my sweetheart was going to be gone tonight into the darkness and past it, and here we are, being blessed by the snow.
The snow has been continual since the early morning hours, and is falling down in the biggest goose feather flakes you've ever seen. the boughs are so heavy with them, there are sudden swishing and plumping sounds coming from every tree. I have found one thing I'll miss here, and that is the trees covered in snow and dropping their heavy burdens when they can carry no more. There are so many trees here, that the sound and the effect is quite magical.

My sudden thought this morning as I stood out in it listening, camera in hand, was this: and isn't that natural? Shouldn't we give up our burdens when we can no longer carry them? So natural and right. No judgement or guilt. Just letting go and allowing the snow to fall to the ground as it was meant to.

what a dreamy snowy day we are having here...even my sweet husband has gone back to bed, and has a kitty cat all snuggled up to him. My daughter is playing a fun new game which involves making a fairy's hair be whatever color she wants, and flying over a magical land.
My son is reading a new book he's found about Pirates, and me...staring out at the snow this morning...so so glad for this unexpected rest.

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Jesska said...

Your snow is very much dreamy and I'm glad you got an unexpected rest! Perhaps Mother Mary is whispering.... (((HUGS)))