Thursday, February 03, 2011

Dust & Honey

Once, long ago, I started a blog called Sparrow's Cottage. I left that without hardly a word (deleted in fact) after a few years of writing, in a great hermit-ous rush to be different and authentic and earthy like I felt I must be down inside my heart.
That led me down a strange badger hole
and up into a dark and mysterious wood.

I remember the day I found an antique print of a mother and child in a forest and they'd spilled a basket of berries. The caption says "In the Wood" - I loved it, and took it, and made it mine, "Into the Woode" was so right for me at the time. I had taken to finding quiet out of the way corners to sit and brood and journal and was, now I know, trying to find my way out of the woode, literally and figuratively.

I found my shadow self in the woode. If I couldn't say "enjoyed" or "had fun", I certainly needed and appreciate and longed for those days of quiet and contemplation and brooding thoughts.
And she spoke to me of things we'd longed for but no longer felt we could have, or weren't worthy enough to get.

Together, she and I made our way out of the woode. We've been out for sometime now, standing here at the edge, grasping at the edges of farm land as if it were a wayward tablecloth in a riotous wind.
and here we are, standing in the most delicious promise of farm dust
while we soak in the honeyed sunrise.
I get to be a farmgirl again...
and when I smile about this, there are apples in my cheeks and an exhale on my lips,
I kid you not.

There are only a few of you I've really ever heard from, though I know I lurk on more than half of what I read on blogs, too, so I may never know the extent of my readership, but if you are interested, I'll be writing about whatever I need to just as I've always done before, but I'm going to call it
dustandhoney (dot) blogspot (dot) com

Dust & Honey
- thank you to a kindred spirit who puts up mirrors so I can see myself afresh -
conjures up so many images for me...
my chickens fluffing themselves in a dust bath,
hard work,
finely ground earth,
sunrises and sunsets,
taking the best that life has to offer me,
giving the best that is in me,
open sky, open arms, open eyes,
child-like wonder...

our lives are changing,
and I'm reclaiming myself as a farmgirl.
that's where I belong, that's where I'm putting myself.
I'm going to just change the name of this blog, so I'll leave it as Into the Woode for awhile until anyone I think wants to know, does know, and then it'll be the new one:
dustandhoney (dot) blogspot (dot) com


Jacqueline said...

I'm along for the ride. Let the transformation begin!

sarah said...

How wonderful! I was thinking of you, and of Dust & Honey, literally two seconds before I scrolled down in my Reader and saw this post.

I'm off now to visit, and subscribe to, the new place.

sarah said...

Er ... in my defence, it's very early morning here, and I had a restless night. I went looking for the new blog, only to realise it wasn't thee. D'uh. Sorry for being an idiot.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

As you well know, I'm a newcomer to this blog and have really enjoyed getting to know you, so I will follow you just to see what you're up to and what you're thinking! :-)

Ma said...

you have dirt in your blood, dear katie jo, just as the women of our family who came long before you...

bless your days and your dear heart with the katiebird tattoo.