Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I ain't havin' it.

Something was trying to teach me not to trust other people just now, and I'm not having it. I have to believe in the reality of true friendships. I have to remember to trust my instincts and to never allow a broken person to make me believe in their shrunken fairy-tales. Life is still beautiful and I feel sorry for those whose sole purpose is to infiltrate and break down trusting souls.

I have to owe that something a big thanks for teaching me to be more guarded. I'll only be better because of it, so ha. That "something" is totally missing out on a good friendship...bummer for them.

At the moment, I have been yearning to drench myself in beautiful stories, to create sweet little fantasy worlds and laugh and muse on the finer things in this is next on my reading list:

read about it here...I'm having itchy fingers just thinking about getting to read it!


Jesska said...

Do you pick your books by there looks, genre, or have you searched for and read about them somewhere? The first one you posted about sounded like a really good read..this one is sounding awesome as well...Hmmm i'm almost finished with mine and i'll need a new one...I'm on the hunt and hope to spend a little time at Borders books this weekend! :)

katiebird said...

I love historical fiction. That is probably my absolute favorite genre. But second is fantasy. I do actually judge a book by its cover...I'm a real bibliophile. I don't just like what's inside the book, but how it looks matters to me, too. I highly recommend the On Agate Hill book. I also highly recommend one called something or other Edgar Sawtelle - amazing story.
Jess, what's your favorite genre?!