Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Quiet Time

I'm sitting here in the quiet, just as I imagine I might if I were waiting for a train. The station is so quiet this morning (the neighbor dog only occasionally is making a ruckus), and I get to drive into work by myself. We rarely make the choice to take separate cars these days (what with the price of gas), but today we needed to because of helping some friends tonight by watching their children, I needed the extra seats.
I decided to take advantage of the alone time, and I'm sitting here, feeling quite delinquint (hmm...not sure how to spell that word, ah well) and letting the quiet just rush over me. Coffee and quiet and the morning...so nice. I am such a night person, but there have been mornings before my family has awoken, or when I truly was alone that I savor it. This is one of those mornings, that I feel I've stolen from the mad rush of what is coming and what has been...ahhhh...alone time is wonderful wherever I take it from.
And now I'm off to the Kindergarten...


Jacqueline said...

Kindergarten...and there endeth that quiet!

Jesska said...

I agree..stollen momments of silence are the best!! :)