Thursday, February 03, 2011

Sense and Sensibility

A break from all of this home drama!! I'm so excited, but a girl must think of
dashing young men in Regency fashions now and again, don't you think?

I just watched the three episode BBC version of Sense and Sensibility from 2008, and
I LOVED IT!! Even better than the Emma Thompson/Kate Winslet version. I thought the actors were all just spot on! Above is Edward Farris...MUCH more like I would imagine him to be :)

I really probably loved Marianne the most, which is saying something as there were so many fine actors in this one, but she was so innocent...but she also gets the best line toward the end when she says something to the effect that in the end, people are not defined by what they say or how they feel, but by what they do, or do not do. I thought that was brilliant.
I loved Elinore as well...she was PERFECT! Also, not to be unkind to Emma Thompson, but I felt that this actress was much more to the age I would imagine Elinore to be.

I liked this Colonel Brandon so very much, but I also really loved Alan Rickman in the 1995 version - he seemed so full of life and yearning...he was so very good in it.

This had such beautiful scenes, it was breathtaking!
The little house by the sea was SUMPTUOUS!
the paneling was something else

thanks Ma for recommending it, I totally agree, it is the best version so far :)
I have to read it, why have I not read this book? I suppose sometimes I watch a wonderful movie and let the story come into my life that way instead.
Happy dreaming.


sarah said...

Oh my goodness, I love this so much! I love the book, but never enjoyed the Thompson movie much - no offence to the wonderful actors (Kate Winslet in particular was good) but it didn't quite resonate with my own vision of the story. I especially thought Emma Thompson was too old to play Elinor. I felt Elinor's youth emphasised her sense and caution a great deal, and so showed why it was unhelpful to her.

Now I will not rest until I have found the DVD.

Jacqueline said...

I love Austen. Had a whole summer of reading just here. Haven't seen any of the televised versions of her work. I usually avoid books I have read being made into tv shows or movies as it's never quite as good as the book. Having said all that though, I'd trust the BBC over anyone else.
My summer of Austen was followed the following year of the summer of Hemmingway...quite a transition!

Jesska said...

I have yet to see this...I'm thinking a netflix night is much needed! :) Sounds wonderfull!!!

Victoria said...

after looking at those photos I think a weekend on the couch with these dvd's is definitely going to happen...
lovely post tks.

Lesley Austin said...

Lovely Katie,
So many things....I am deeply thrilled for you and the new home you have found. My! And the new blog title is perfect....when I saw a visitor in my stats from "dust and honey.blogspot" I was so expectant as I waited for the page to load. And what a wonderful surprise to find it is you. I haven't been keeping up, you see...have also had an email half-written to you for ages, to tell you how much pleasure your painting continues to give me. Since Christmas it has lived on top of an old little sewing chest at the foot of our stairs-the very center of our home-so I pass it continually in my days. It was so pretty with a Welsh ash bowl filled with vintage Christmas balls in just the same colors placed next to it through the holidays. Alas, I could never get a good photo.

And last but not least...Sense and Sensibility. It is my favorite Jane Austen, the only one I have actually read. I agree that there is so much to love about this newer one....Elinor and Marianne, the setting, Edward Ferrars...but I confess I did not like the Willoughby at all (and really like him in the movie), and wasn't very taken with this Col. Brandon. But the mother, the house, the colors, most everything is so satisfying. The first movie is brighter and funnier, this is gentler and deeper, I think. Years ago I read the diary that Emma Thompson kept during the filming of the movie and remember that she said she didn't want to play Elinor (she had written the screenplay and wanted to leave it at that) as she felt she was too old. They prevailed upon her to do it, tho', and the diary is quite funny because she is always trying to repair her looks the morning after not enough sleep or too much wine with other cast members the night before and knowing this you can tell in which scenes were filmed on such mornings.

I will visit more often in the future as you make your happy way home,