Tuesday, March 22, 2011

inner strength

Spring finally came to the mountains today. The sun is shining, the sky is blue.
Seal was inspecting the new daffodils, and even tried a bite.
All my little Doot-Doot has to do is look pretty today.
the goddess is reaffirming gentleness today.
there is nothing wrong, whatever, with sensitivity and kindness.
if anyone tells you differently, you can tell your heart, "how sad that they would say that. I know the world needs my gentleness."

As we've seen, the earth is full of strength and brutality. the forces of nature are often savage. Must we also, always, be savage?
why can we not learn that people need softness?
Your inner strength is revealed
by your gentle nature
and your tender heart.

this is the lesson of the goddess today in the new life, the soft sunshine and silky air...


Garden of Rambles said...

That is lovely and oh so true.

Tracy said...

So well expressed, Katie... May we release our gentle Goddess-give gifts everyday. :o)

Graciel said...

i take this lesson to heart.

bless you, farm girl!