Monday, March 07, 2011


travel light

live light

spread the light

be the light

(beautiful things I bought from OzmaofOdds on etsy)


Sea Angels said...

Glad you seem lighter xx
Love theses items, they are so beautiful....feel a treat coming on thank you for the link Katie xx
Lynn xx

Pilgrim at Kerjacob said...

Love the simplicity of the words.
I'd love you to read my latest post using ' found words'


Ozma of Odds said...

...thank you, dear one ~
but I am merely a tool for Him.
~ and my artful soul has allowed me to meet others who are of the same heart.
oh, what a gift!!

xo, Rosemary

Jacqueline said...

and keeping it all in the light katiebird...keep it all in the light.

Tracy said...

My thoughts, exactly. ;o) Gorgeously beautiful & inspiring post, Katie. LOVE that shop--thanks for the tip. Happy Day ((HUGS))