Monday, March 07, 2011

Thankful for...

...WD40 to clean off my white board at school
...Beautiful children's books that illustrate exactly what I want the kids to learn
...Aboriginal Dot Art
...a child who read the sentence, "My mom had a big fat hat, but..." as "My mom had a big fat hot butt."
...finding our favorite sausages in the back of freezer and having breakfast for dinner
...ghost shows baths little girl giving me the biggest hugs son's kisses husband's kind heart (I love you so much sweetheart)
...our four kitty cats, even the old one who doesn't know who we are at least 3 times a week mom who sends me encouraging notes dad's genuineness and down-to-earth huggability
...kindnesses of strangers
...kindnesses of those we work with keurig black footless tights under flippy skirts mother-in-law's thoughtfulness...I probably don't say thank you enough to her father-in-law's excitement about helping my kids with school projects car's butt-warmers
...the rain melting off the snow
...friends who know exactly who I am - fickleness included - and still buy me presents and lavish me with love ratty gray hoodie that I climb into at the end of the day
...this beaded bracelet that my daughter made for me at school today, strung on a pipe cleaner pillow
...playing Pirates of the Caribbean for free on the internet
...planning units of study for my kindergarteners
...being asked to participate
...having the art lit lady come and ask me if I'd like her to teach art lit to my kids...uhhhhh, yeeeeesssss.... cowgirl boots new wooden dish drainer goose-down comforter
...hearing my children play together
...brushing my daughter's hair and putting it up into little ponytails
...knowing that spring is coming light it is now when I drive to work in the morning light it is now when I come home from work in the afternoon dr. pepper (I mean, seriously, whoever invented it is a popgod)
...sugar-free Dove chocolate truffles - I now believe in heaven
...the woodstove


...white candles

1 comment:

Christine Crocker said...

you are blessed beyond words my katie bird...

as it should be.