Monday, April 25, 2011

in between

Here I am tonight, so so tired, and I keep starting again and again because I'm so darn tired. That'll happen when you knock back a pint (as I'm doing right now) and lay in a comfy bed covered by your down comforter. That'll also happen when you've spent every available moment cramming more and more into the day until you realize you really just need to STOP and shave your armpits once in awhile, sheesh. That'll also happen when you've spent all Saturday working hard hard hard on your new chicken coop, making make-do fixes all over the place. I had so much fun with that! Listen, dear readers, I've had a few of those moments where I stop working and notice that I'm smiling so hard my face is hurting, and the air is clean and cool and the grass is long and the pipes are chick-chick-chicking in the neighbor's pasture, the old yellow dog "Archie" keeps coming by for a pet before he snuffles off under this and that fence (it all belongs to HIM, I see) and life is just so gosh darned good. That tires me out, in a really good way. My arms felt good while they were working. My legs felt good to be working. My fingers ached to twist and pull the bent-up chicken wire. I tackled the cobwebs and what-nots in the old windows and corners. I was tickled to gasping at the blessing of finding some old glass egg among one of the nesting boxes.
While we've sold our other house, we still haven't closed on this one, but we've decided to go ahead and live in our trailer while we wait for Thursday to come. Rosemary, our sweet lady who called our farm "home" before we got to, said "Sure thing." so, hoooooray!!!
Last night, the wind was whipping across the farmland and the rain was pelting down, and if felt so nice to be on OUR FARM, even if we were in our camp trailer (and even if our camp trailer is for spoiled people), that it all just made me feel good. The sunrise was watery and pink with a little floating bit of lemon in it and that made my tummy clench up at the thought of a sunrise every morning.
We've brought all four kitties tonight, and my dearest made the best house for them in one of our numerous out-buildings here. It is the best spot of them all - insulated for winter months. It has some very wide shelves that I know they'll love. Think of all the mousey heads they'll bring us (I'm sorry to say that Seal and Lilo are the best mouser/birder/squirreler/chipmunkers there are, and they always bring us the (I really do try to be grateful; one should never offend a cat, especially when she is trying so hard to be selfless.)
There has to be new flooring throughout our house before we can live in there, and I've already picked out exactly what I want. How exciting - even though it is on a painfully small budget, I am grateful we can do it at all. What a blessing.
I have so much to say, but I really need time to take pictures for you all. Soon, hopefully!


sarah said...

I am so deeply, powerfully happy for you! And not at all, even a little bit, even a smidgeon, jealous.

Well, okay, just a little bit.

:-) :-)

Jacqueline said...

Your happiness is infectious Katiebird! Wonderful!

Tracy said...

It all sounds sooo GOOD, Katie! Makes me think of our move to this old, old house 6 years ago and starting from scratch... it was a LOT of hard, work, sweat, tears, heart and soul... but so worth it. ;o) Look forward to your photos!