Tuesday, May 31, 2011


My daughter is 6 tomorrow. I know how she'll gasp and run in place when she sees all this on the breakfast table tomorrow...*smile*...

there is much to say over the birth of my daughter

but I remember my first feeling for her new life finally cradled in my arms was like hatching out a hundred butterflies and letting them tickle over your skin
and letting them land in your hair
Imagine the giggling and the stillness which that would - must - inspire...yes, she was like that.


Christine Crocker said...

what a wonderful 6th birthday surprise~ yep, she'll do a little dance...it looks so pretty, Mama!

we'll talk to her tomorrow!

love you all,
Grandma & Grandpa

sarah said...

Oh wonderful! Many blessings to your girl, I hope her day is as beautiful as that table :-)

Kamana said...

what a lucky little girl! happy birthday to her.

ari said...

so beautiful.

birthday wishes to your wee girl...