Monday, May 30, 2011

d - o - n - e

That is how I'm feeling tonight. I don't feel like going into work tomorrow. Ever have that feeling? I've been looking at this new blog and I ESPECIALLY don't want to go in to work now...I want to crochet ruffled capelets and butterfly mitts instead.

I've been working so hard at my job and at home, I think my body went into a kind of shut-down mode for a few days. It hasn't completely awakened yet, but I'm heading back in tomorrow to see what it will accomplish for me.

Today my dear neighbors, whom I'm growing to appreciate more every single day, came over with their horse Tango all saddled up for a little ride with Emma. She was in such a tizzy over it, she looked serious. When my daughter gets over-excited, her smile goes away and she looks like she means business. I love that about her.

All three of the younger kitties are inside the house tonight...they've decided that they like to be house kitties best of all. I love a warm kitty to cuddle with at night, too...but alas, they MUST be outside kitties, so before bed they must away.

Enough of this procrastinating, I should probably plan my week BEFORE I enter the classroom tomorrow...or, I could see what treasures my classroom holds tomorrow morning...

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sarah said...

Have you heard her music? See if you can track it down, it's beautiful.

I can imagine your classroom is a place of magic and wonder.