Monday, May 30, 2011

the dust is settling

buddha is at home here in the grasses and lilacs

now that the hard and frantic work is over,
we've been able to rest a bit everyday...okay, not a BIT, but I've been sleeping in until 9 the past five days and watching a movie every single night, AND have taken a nap 3 out of 5 days...but I've been pretty sick with some sort of cold that knocked me on my butt for a couple of days.

that always happens to me when I finally get to relax after I've been go, go, go.

Some things:

*there was ONE deer who went through my garden and ate my lettuces
*one very cold night recently gave my squash and tomatoes a zap...poor things
*my sunflowers are about an inch high
*I think my Sweet Annie is coming up, but I cannot be sure yet...I don't know what the seedlings look like!
*I've started decorating, and I find that anything that looks like the "other" house is making me feel uneasy...isn't that strange?
*our clothes are now separated and in our own rooms
*the cats left me a mouse's backside yesterday - what message is that?
*we have tiny sugar ants that show up now and again
*the neighbor cats are eating our kitty food
*I have too many chicken eggs...I'm thinking about a "farm fresh eggs" sign out front
*I can see the weather coming in any direction
*I like living with less fo-fa-rah
*I'm getting a membership to Melaluca soon - Sol-u-mel is my favorite cleaner.
*the barn loft is a wonderful place to listen to the rain and the wind in
*I'm excited about getting my old sewing machine fixed
*I'm INTENT upon making a few pinafores for my daughter for the summer - there is nothing better that she loves than skirt-y things over shorts or leggings
*I need some "secret garden" scented incense from the Cosmic Depot
*even on a cloudy, windy, rainy day, the sky is SO bright, I keep trying to send the children out to play until they remind me it is cold and windy and rainy out there...oh.

Our old kitty, Boo-Boo, who is going on 15 years this August, was sitting in the field patiently waiting for a mouse yesterday. I noticed how carefully he crept up to whatever hole he had chosen, and I noticed that he moved his body so that he was down-wind and I was so proud of him for knowing that. He sat for 10 full minutes waiting and waiting. While he waited a fat robin plopped itself very near his tail and picked up something, taking a few tries to get it properly in his beak, and then took off again. Boo-Boo did not notice this.
Another 5 minutes was going by, and you won't guess but a family of quail decided to make their train behind his back. They weren't 2 feet from where he sat waiting for his mousie. The big daddy quail was sitting on the fence on "look-out" while his family went traipsing under it and off into the meadow somewhere for the day. Boo-boo didn't budge.
When he'd been sitting there for a full 20 minutes, at least, he finally pounced and stepped on it and then he looked around to see who might notice this accomplishment. I couldn't let him feel as though his efforts went unappreciated, so I opened the front door and said, "good kitty!" He looked over at me and meowed and rubbed on a fence post and completely forgot about that mousie...I saw his head jerk back and he quickly tried to save his captive, but alas...he stared in the direction of the retreat for a good long while before he seemed to snuff and kick the grass and look at me with a "you NEVER should've come out, mooootherrrr" kind of expression.
Not my smartest kitty, but the dearest.

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sarah said...

I love the kitty story!!

You are lucky that your children want to stay indoors on a cold, windy, and rainy day ;-)